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Empowering Tanzanians to get out of poverty, one community at a time.

sio COSAD is a Minnesota based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization which was founded to build partnerships that create sustainable community development through the support of projects involving micro-enterprise, health, education and culture in Tanzania.

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COSAD Background
COSAD founders recognize and embody the truth that the people of Tanzania have an inherent ability to become better and more productive citizens once the obstacles in their paths are removed.


Tanzania, as a home to more than 120 ethnic groups and languages, provides a source of very rich and diverse natural resources, economic opportunities, and a wide range of impressive cultural creativity. Current projects are under way in the Bukoba area in the Northwestern region of Tanzania along the western shores of Lake Victoria. These projects promote economic independence and community development, improve health and increase literacy.



The people we are supporting are talented, entrepreneurial, and creative. Their values and dedication to community and family are the same as ours. They just need to be connected to the global community and supported by people like us.



COSAD was formed to creatively respond to challenges the people face. More importantly, COSAD recognizes & appreciates the immense ability of the people to become more productive citizens once obstacles are removed.


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